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Mini-split Systems

What is a mini-split?

Mini-Split systems, also known as ductless, or wall mounted heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular. Similar to central air conditioning, mini-split systems have two main components: an outdoor compressor unit, and an indoor unit that exchanges heat with the outdoor unit. Installation only requires a single small hole ( approximately 3 inches in diameter) to connect the outdoor and indoor units allowing heat to be moved between them. The main advantages of Mini-Split systems is their small size, low cost, efficiency and ability to both cool and heat. Unlike traditional air conditioners or heat pumps, Mini-Split compressors take advantage of recent advancements in inverter technology enabling variable compressor speeds for reduced noise and increased efficiency. While inital costs excede window mounted air conditioning units, Mini-Split systems do not need to be seasonally removed, stored, and reinstalled and are much more quiet and efficient for both cooling and heating than traditioanl air conditioners and furnaces.

Mini-split installation

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Mini-Split Rebates

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Service and Repair

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