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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?

We are based in North Vancouver and service the entire Greater Vancouver area including the North Shore, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster, West Vancouver, Lions Bay, and Squamish.


When is a good time to service my furnace/boiler & fireplaces?

It’s best to service your heating equipment in August/September for 2 reasons: the first being that there are usually rebates offered by Fortis BC in the fall to have your furnace/boiler inspected prior to the heating season, as well as your fireplace serviced for an additional credit, and the 2nd reason is to rest assured that your heating equipment is safe and will not cause any problems for you during the winter.

Have a close look at your Fortis gas bill for their TLC fall promotion program.  As one of the listed “tradeAlly” accredited businesses we can take full advantage of their promotional incentives for servicing your gas equipment.


Why should I have my air conditioning looked at in the spring?

It’s best to have your air conditioning looked at in the spring for a few key reasons, from making sure your outdoor condenser is rid of dirt & debris from the winter months, to checking the refrigerant and making sure it is not under or over charged, to simply replacing the furnace filter. The indoor evaporator coil is the most overlooked piece of equipment as the dirt & dust that gets past the filter can’t be seen on the inside which gets very dirty over time and can become plugged. This causes restricted airflow that decreases the efficiency and increases wear leading to costly repair bills that can be easily avoided with proper maintenace.

Call us for a maintenance plan so you can continue to be the cool house in the summer where your friends all want to be!


Why should I have my tankless water heater serviced?

By having your tankless water heater serviced it will extend its life and keep it running as efficiently as possible. While we are there we can inspect the heat exchanger & suggest when it should be flushed with a de-scaling solution, and most importantly make sure that it was safely installed.


Does my pool heater need servicing?

One of the most dangerous appliances requiring annual service are pool heaters.  The heat exchanger commonly becomes very plugged which can endanger any chemicals stored around the heater. Call us for an inspection and maintenance of your pool heater to know that it will be safe for your outdoor enjoyment!

Did you know?
Without proper maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment their efficiency is decreased, which ends up costing you more than a maintenance plan. This usually ends up leading to unnecessary, costly repair bills that could be avoided.

With a proper maintenance plan in place the temperature and comfort level inside your home will be the last thing you need to worry about. Call Babcock Gas Services for a plan that fits your schedule and budget!

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