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Air Conditioning

what is air Conditioning?

The most common type of home air conditioning is a central air conditioning system. These systems consist of an external condenser unit which sits outside your home and expels heat and an evaporator coil, which is integrated with the ducting of the furnace and cools the air within your home.  By using the same air circulation system as your furnace, central air conditioning is able to cool your entire house while taking advantage of the same filtation and air purifying equipment also used during heating.  Central air conditioning is also typically much quieter than window mounted units because the compressor is located far from the living space.  In addition to cooling your home central air conditioning also natually acts to de-humidify inside air to eliminate the moisture that makes summer heat so uncomfortable.


Heat pumps

Depending on your local climate and heating needs some central air conditioners are referred to as heat pumps due to their ability to also operate in reverse, bringing heat into the home from the outside unit.  Drawing heat from outsite rather than creating it with a furnace can be substantially more efficient while outside air temperatures remain moderate.  When it gets too cold for the heat pump to operate efficiently your furnace will automatically take over to provide the necessary heat in your home.  Recent advancements in heat pump technology have have extended their ability to remain efficient in colder climates.

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